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Job description

The Mate has a support function on board in which he reports directly to the Skipper or Captain. The Mate must be able to replace the Skipper or Captain with regard to navigation, cargo handling and maintenance if necessary. The Mate receives his orders from the Skipper or Captain. The Mate assists the Skipper or Captain in performing all actions necessary for the proper and safe execution of the transports.

Your tasks

• Orders given for the execution of the Skipper or Captain.
• For leaving his cabin clean every week at the end of the working week.
• Maintains contacts with authoritative officials at loading and unloading locations in the context of loading/unloading activities to be carried out.
• For the daily and periodic maintenance of the ship including accessories and the planning of daily and periodic maintenance and repair work.

Quality, safety, health and environment

• Is responsible for compliance with the established procedures and regulations as laid down in the quality and environmental care system.
• Is obliged to use and manage all personal protective equipment made available by the company correctly and to report any deficiencies immediately to the Skipper or Captain.
• Is aware of the calamity procedure and the calamity plan on board the ship on duty.
• Is aware of types of calamities.
• Recognizing types of alarms.
• Is familiar with the operation of emergency stop.
• Is familiar with the emergency steering gear and emergency steering gear lowering.
• Stimulates the quality and environmental awareness of the Sailor and Sailor apprentice.
• Reports problems in his field of activity in writing to the Skipper or Captain.
• Initiates possible measures in the event of problems within his field of activity.
• Ensures that (in the absence of the Captain) the maintenance and adjustment of the Captain’s and Fleet Manual takes place correctly.
• Is responsible for the safety, health and welfare of the crew and third parties present on the ship.
• Informs the Skipper or Captain as often as necessary about the safety, health and environmental conditions on the ship and takes measures if necessary.
• Ensures that all equipment is properly maintained.
• For the order and cleanliness of the ship, in particular the living and working space.
• Ensures a representative ship.

Job requirements

• Possession of Schipper diploma, General Certificate AB, VHF Certificate, Radar diploma, ADN Basis.
• In possession of a valid service booklet.
• Good command of the Dutch language in word and writing.
• Good command of the Nautical English language in word and writing.
• Good command of the Nautical German language in word and writing.

What does VT offer?

• A good salary in accordance with our company collective agreement with Dutch wages and employment conditions.
• Sail on a beautiful fleet with modern ships.
• Working with Dutch crew.
• Sailing in a week on/week off shift system, with the choice of number of working weeks per year.
• A complete clothing package, including all mandatory PPE.
• A well-arranged pension.
• Growth opportunities through an active study policy, career planning and personal guidance.

Do you want to know more about this job?

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