Specialized in maritime transport, bunkering and fleet management

We are operational as inland tanker shipping company and specialized in the transport and bunkering of mineral oils, chemical products, (bio-)fuels and lubricating oil. In addition to transport of chemicals and fuel supply, we also specialize in fleet management for ship owners.

Our Services


VT has traditionally been one of the largest players in bunkering. We have been supplying large seagoing vessels with various fuels and lubricants for more than a century. Since 2016, the option to bunker caustic soda (intended for scrubbers) has been added to our offering. We are now active in the ARA area (including Vlissingen, Moerdijk and IJmuiden), as well as in Panama, Spain and Oman.

All our ships are equipped with heating coils combined with modern radar systems for measuring the tank contents. In addition, bunkering is accelerated and made safer by the use of a hydraulic bunker boom, which can quickly and remotely control the bunker hose to the manifolds.

Seven of our mineral bunker vessels are equipped with an NMI certified Mass Flow Meter system.

The combination of qualified personnel, advanced measurement systems, CCTV and modern software ensures transparency and accuracy for our customers.


We take care of the transport of both white and black mineral products, biofuels and chemical products for several parties.

These transports vary by location and usually involve transporting raw materials for chemical plants or moving products to storage or refineries. We operate throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, all Rhine banks and Sweden for these activities.

Fleet management

VT has many years of experience with fleet management for ship owners or other third parties. We can offer ship owners a wide range of services, consultancy and advice, thanks to our knowledge of commercial, technical, crew and quality management for maritime operations:

  • Setting up or improving quality systems
  • Organization of chartering
  • Supervising new build construction
  • Recruitment, training and deployment of personnel
  • Monitoring and executing repair & maintenance programs

Safe and Durable

VT Group values safety and sustainability with great importance. Our internal safety procedures and systems are based on our “zero spills – no incidents ” objectives. Because we are accredited and certified according to the highest quality standards current oil majors , chemical conglomerates and major shipping companies consistently select our services.

The VT Group has also set itself the goal of being at the forefront of the energy transition for shipping, with a focus on the switch from fossil fuels to biofuels, with the wish to contribute to the reduction of COemissions.




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