VT operates a modern fleet of around 50 unique vessels

VT has an ultramodern fleet of more than 30 unique ships. Varying from 210 MT (MTS Velden) to 13500 MT (MTS Vorstenbosch | Largest inland tanker in the World).

Our ships are equipped with heating coils and modern radar systems for measuring the tank contents.

The mineral vessels are equipped with a hydraulic bunker boom. Five of these ships are also equipped with a Mass Flow Meter system certified by the NMI.

The lubricating oil vessels are also equipped with a hydraulic bunker boom and often equipped with Positive Displacement meters certified by the NMI.

Fleet list

For extensive information and specifications of our ships, view our fleet list.

Safe and Durable

VT Group values safety and sustainability with great importance. Our internal safety procedures and systems are based on our “zero spills – no incidents ” objectives. Because we are accredited and certified according to the highest quality standards current oil majors , chemical conglomerates and major shipping companies consistently select our services.

The VT Group has also set itself the goal of being at the forefront of the energy transition for shipping, with a focus on the switch from fossil fuels to biofuels, with the wish to contribute to the reduction of COemissions.




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