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Vacant: Skipper

VT is a partner in maritime logistics services. We specialize in inland tanker shipping. For example, we transport mineral oils, chemical products, biofuels and lubricating oil for various clients. Since 2009 we have also expanded our activities in the maritime sector, with the result that we are active in Panama, Oman, Spain and Sweden. We are looking for skippers for our fleet

Job description

The Skipper has a managerial position on board in which he reports directly to the Captain. The Skipper must, if necessary, be able to replace the Captain with regard to navigation, cargo handling and maintenance. The Skipper receives his orders from the Captain. The Skipper reports to the captain or, in his absence, to the Charterer regarding the execution of travel orders, the Technical Service regarding the ship and to the HR department regarding the crew. The Skipper is jointly responsible for carrying out all actions necessary for a proper and safe execution of the transports in accordance with the order specifications and the applicable regulations.


  • Ensures the execution of orders given to the captain.
  • Ensures coordination with the Captain and the Technical Service in the context of maintenance and repair work.
  • In consultation with the captain, takes care of the administrative procedures that are necessary to comply with all legal and formal provisions that are set for keeping the ships in service.
  • Implements the personnel policy and is responsible for the information and practical training of personnel, so that they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills with regard to the nature and performance of the work.
  • Ensures and acts immediately after an accident, whether or not with a serious outcome, for care and calls in the necessary authorities (calamity plan).
  • Ensures a good handover at the shift change.
  • Ensures the correct completion of Dynamics.
  • Responsible for the daily correct completion of the weekly reports, the correct completion of the sailing time book and compliance with the sailing times law.

Job requirements:

  • In possession of Sailors diploma.
  • In possession of skipper diploma,
  • General navigation certificate AB, Rhine patent for the Dutch part of the Rhine, Rhine patent, VHF radio certificate, Radar diploma, ADN Basic, ADN Chemie.
  • At least two years of experience as a helmsman in inland tanker shipping.
  • Organizational and leadership capabilities.
  • In possession of a valid service booklet.
  • Good command of the Dutch language in word and writing.
  • Good command of the nautical English language in word and writing.

What VT offers:

A good salary according to our company collective agreement with Dutch wages and working conditions.
Sailing on a beautiful fleet with the most modern ships, with Dutch-speaking crew.
Sailing in a week on/week off shift system, with the choice of number of working weeks per year.
A complete clothing package, provided with all mandatory PPE.
A well-arranged pension.
Growth opportunities through an active study policy, career planning and personal guidance.

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